War-Driving to work

So today I got the idea that I’d throw my laptop in my passenger seat and run NetStumbler (available at www.netstumbler.com) and see how many wide open wireless access points I find. Well I have about a 45 minute drive to work and I only ran NetStumbler for about 30 minutes. I found 136 wireless access points and about 60 of them were wide open and unsecured. It amazes me daily how many people implement technology that they have no idea how to use or configure. Everyone just thinks they can throw stuff in and use it.

I bet I could almost make a living driving around and telling people that they need to secure their wireless access points and then telling (or showing) them how to do it.

I used to like computer stuff a lot more when it was left to geeks. Now that everybody and their brother uses computers it’s made things worse. However if you want to really break it down…..I only have a job because there are idiots that don’t know how to use computers.


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