China killing dogs and cats for their fur

Today I came across a horrible video over at Google video.  I was simply looking at some of the top videos.  The video was getting a good rating because people are upset about it happening and want to get air time.  It was a video about how China is killing dogs and cats for their fur.  It showed how cats and dogs are crammed into small cages and then transported to where they will be killed and then skinned.  The cages are then thrown off of the top of the truck onto the ground where often the animals legs are broken upon impact.  They are cramming like 30 cats into a cage that is maybe 4 feet wide, 2 feet tall and 3 feet long.  The video really pissed me off.

Please try as hard as you can to not buy stuff from China.  I guess J. Crew sells clothing that have cat and dog fur in or on them.

I’m just so tired of all the junk that goes on in China and the lack of morals.  They don’t value human life like we do.

I will do my best to not buy anything made in China and if I find something that I currently possess that is made in China I will throw it away.

Killing any animal for their fur is just wrong in the first place.



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12 responses to “China killing dogs and cats for their fur

  1. Angela

    I was looking at some comments you placed about dogs and cats in china. It really irritates me. Sometime back like 6 months ago, where i live,a new place opened up here called “i love you buffey” I never ate there but it was on the news ,some guys from the army ate there got sick and went to the hospital. They tested their vomit and ran lab on it. Turned out to be cat meat.I was so so upset. I’ve come to just dislike china and their people. They have alot of nerve to come to the U.S. and kill cats and serving them to Americans.I’m hispanic but I just couldn’t believe it. There was a farm found full of cats being raised out in the country ready to be slaughtered. I love animals.I wish China people who eat cats and dogs could go back to their own country.They don’t belong here.

  2. Daniel

    1. You know what? Stop asking for so much. When people are starving and suffer well under poverty line, they can do anything. Stop having your little sympathy for cats and dogs when in fact you don’t even know who is really suffering.
    2. About 80% of the merchandise you use and buy today are from china. In fact, maybe you should move on to the street since your house probably was built with some materials from China as well.

  3. @ Daniel,

    1. Guess what bro? If people are starving that doesn’t mean you have to kill dogs and cats for their fur. What the hell does that have to do with anything? Your point makes no sense.

    2. I diligently try to NOT buy things made in China. I am pretty good at it too. My house was built in 1948 and there was not one thing used in the house made in China when it was built. If I go shopping for things and they are made in China I keep looking. Yes, I look at the tags because I’m not lazy.

    Keep smoking that crack pipe. 😉

  4. loretta

    I am very aware of what these horrible people are doing to the inocent animals in China… they have no value for life. I don’t buy the story above because when people travel to China they are offering dog in the cities in there so called resturants let’s face it they are different I wish they would stay in china. The world could then rescue the animals from these ignorant bastards.

  5. Judy

    I too am sickened by what the Chinese people do to animals. They have very little regard for life unfortunately, but not just for animals, but for their own people as well. When coming to North America they should leave their traditions behind if it violates the senses of the people of the country they are going to…namely the US and Canada. We need stiffer penalties for cruelty to animals. The ones we have are a joke.

  6. natasha

    this is just sinking im doing a speach about this and nearly every website there has been a vido about animals being skined alive i have been i fell like a bit of me dies when i c these things if you were real fur you are a heartless humanbeing and should go to hell

  7. P. Smith

    hinese county clubs to death 50,000 dogs
    In a government-ordered crackdown prompted by the deaths of three people from rabies, China slaughtered 50,000 dogs in southwestern China.
    I would call the Chinese animals who are murdering these poor creatures that are man’s best friend. They all sick. Great solution for rabies. Any excuse to kill something over there. May they all meet up with their master someday and be brutally punished for all of it. I am boycotting all things made in China. I can do without. I am telling everyone that I know who has not heard of these horrific acts of violence and murder towards these beautiful creatures. Dogs, cats, monkeys, shark fin soup-what will be next babies, girls? There absolutely no word to describe how I feel other than utmost DISGUST!!!!!

  8. dawn davies

    P Smith I feel exactly the same as you I was physically sickwhen I read this. the trouble is the sub humans who did this will not meet withe their master and have their come uppance. i am boycotting as well and I will spread the word. we cannot get those poor dogs life back, but we can prevent this from happening to others.
    come on everyone do your bit and get results.

  9. barry

    nothing good can come from our continued buying of chinese manufactured goods .the cheap dollar store price comes at a massive cost in animal suffering , human misery , environmental degradation, the continued soviet style colonization of tibet and secret police brutallity against peaceful falon gong worshippers.
    the UN hoped during the ’70s that recognizing china and world trade would open up china to democracy. but after the soviets went bankrupt (keeping half the planet in a police state with no market financing),china’s tianenman square massacre brought a halt to political reforms that people needed to have a voice against the corruption inherent in a government of absolute power.
    we can reduce their power over the chinese people by cutting off their shipment of manufactured goods to here ,while keeping full cultural exchange . this way an ethical leadership
    might have a chance to rise .

  10. barry

    please don’t react in anger by blaming all chinese for the terribly painful deaths of animals there .their political system prevents the many kind hearted chinese from organizing . many nations eat meat but do maintain ethical standards for farming and killing .
    everything living dies , it’s how we live and die .i believe a world standard set at a realistic level would help .

  11. leo

    Please stop eating dogs and cats they are companions not food.
    Why cant the government in CHINA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PROBLEM. I will not buy any good that are made in china as i hate what they do. PLEASE LET join together to stop this painful sufferings to all CATS AND DOGS. I hope we keep on the campaign.

  12. Ashley

    People in China are truely disgusting. The way they lack respect or the decency to put those animals out of their misery in a more fashionably way just shows they don’t kill the animals because they are simply starving. So whoever said those poor people in china are starving, please control your comments in a way that doesn’t show your ignorance. Cats and Dogs were never made to fill someone’s stomache. They could raise cattle that are much bigger than a small defensless kitten, or dog. Obviously if the government cared about the people and them starving they could fix it in an instant. One cow is equivalant to 35 well fed cats. If that shows you how much China is starving because they lack food, then please correct me. But as you obviously know China and it’s government is a mock and a disgrace, along with the corporations that allow cats and dogs to be treated so poorly, BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN KILLED.??? please tell me why they need to treat these animals so poorly if they already plan to kill them and treat each of them with such cruelty, for a plate of food, or a small amount of material to clothe themselves, even though we have such a HUGE AMOUNT OF THINGS FROM CHINA, why can’t they make that for themselves? China’s government is a disgrace, they make their people work for nothing so that the government has a bigger pocket at the end of the day. SO PLEASE DO NOT DEFEND THE GROUP OF PEOPLE IN CHINA, BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE IGNORANCE OF BELIEVING THEY NEED TO KILL THESE ANIMALS FOR THEIR PEOPLE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR PEOPLE, ANIMALS OR SANITY OF THEIR COUNTRY. They care about money. Get It Right.

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