The crappy turnpike

Usually the turnpike is a really good drive and it’s easy. The last couple days it has been total garbage. It’s obvious that the Turnpike Commission fired some folks because now there are less toll gates open to pay. This, in turn, backs up traffic seriously in the right lane of the turnpike that I exit at daily. What’s even more fun is that you can’t see that it’s backed up until you get right up on the exit because you just come over a hill and there’s the exit.

Today and yesterday both I’m driving along and see people locking up their brakes and tractor trailers jamming on their brakes and having to go on to the shoulder or on to the birm just so they don’t hit cars. I can’t believe that they let crap like this happen. It’s a joke. What’s even better is that if this continues I will simply not take the turnpike anymore and take a different road. Yeah, it may take 10 minutes longer but I can deal with that. I just hate being stopped in traffic backed up 1/4 of a mile or more. It’s just stupid.

Then, like me, less people will take the turnpike and it will get less busy and generate less money because less people are paying tolls. What fun….I guess.

Oh well, things could be worse. I could be poor, or living in a third world country, or in a war. I’m sure there are people that would pay to be in my traffic jam.

Just had to rant a bit. 😉


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