Idiot parents

I just want to know if I'm the only parent that teaches their kid manners and respect?

I just got back from the park with my little girl.  While there, about 5 other kids were running around like little demons. They were pushing other little kids out of the way, yelling, running up the slide while other kids were trying to go down the slide, and tons of other idiotic stuff. I had to keep asking these idiot kids to wait for my daughter to go down the slide. If one would have pushed my daughter I would have made a large scene to draw the attention of this kid's idiot parents. I sometimes get the impression that I am the only one in the world left that tells their kid to wait their turn and to be nice to other little kids. Unfortunately, due to the parents, these kids are going to grow up to be jerks.

The one time I have actually gone over to one of the parents and told them to control their kid they got "crappy" with me. Like it's my fault that their kid is acting like a convict.

I really think that these parents need a good ass kicking. I really do. Someone needs to make them wake up and bring their kids up right. If the kid gets out of hand and will not listen, spank that little bugger. I was spanked when I was a kid and it was good for me.  I think I would have turned out worse if I had not been spanked. I'm not talking about the kind of beating that leaves bruises or welts on a kid. I'm talking about a good couple swats on the butt with the hand. That kid will listen up right quick.

Some kids need spanked and others don't.

Most parents need spanked hard!



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