Quit piling the loose change on top!!!

I would like to know who in the world ever taught these people to give change back by piling all the loose change on top of the dollar bills.  This is so irritating.  I wonder do they ever notice that everytime they do that you have to pull out the dollar bills first to put in your wallet and then put the change in your pocket.  Regardless, the way that this is being done as of late is freaking stupid.

When you hand change back to someone you give them the loose change first and then you hand them the dollars as you count it back to them.  I'm blown away how many idiot kids these days cannot count change back.

I'm tired of some young kid piling the loose change up on top of my dollars and then half the change falling out of my hand.

Did their parents forget to teach them this?  Did they just take the advise of some goober at work?  What's the deal?  This is getting old real fast. 


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