Dell now preinstalling MyWay spyware

I found out 2 weeks ago that Dell is now preinstalling well known spyware on all of their computers.

I got a brand new Dell computer out of the box a few weeks back to hook up for a friend. Right out of the box it had "MyWay Search Assistant" installed. You've got to be kidding me.

I work in information technology and I've been a person that recommends Dell almost daily to people. Not anymore. I refuse to purchase another Dell. I will never buy another Dell again.

It's truly amazing what money and greed cause people to do.

Dell is now no better than the makers of spyware. They are now accepting money to preinstall spyware on computers that YOU buy.

This pisses me off big time. I'm typing this on a Dell laptop and I'm about ready to throw it out the window just because it says "Dell" on the lid.

Described below is what MyWay does:

MyWay is a search toolbar that installs into Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, adding search functions and popup blocking. It reports your surfing activity anonymously to MyWay affiliates, helping them to serve targeted advertising to you. As a browser helper object (BHO), MyWay shares the memory that your browser uses, detects events, creates additional windows while you are surfing, and monitors your activity.


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