Cell phone drama

Cell phone companies suck. So I've had this Verizon phone for almost 2 years now. I dropped it about 3 months ago and broke the antenna. I used JB Weld and secured the antenna back on and it's been fine for 3 months. Today it stopped working. The phone just says "Service Required" on it.

I visit the local Verizon store to have them tell me that I'm screwed and that I just need to buy a new phone. That's fine. I ask if I can just start a new contract and get a free phone. They tell me no, because my current contract is not up until November. So rather than keep me for another 2 years they would rather screw me over and make me wait. So my only options are either pay full retail for a phone (which I will not do) or wait until September to get into a new plan.

This is total bull. After spending over 40 minutes on the phone with Verizon customer service (it should be called Verizone customer irratation) I find that the best they can do for me is $138.00 for a new phone and car charger.

I however can go to Sprint's website and sign up right now online and get a free phone and have the setup fee waived.

I wish someone would take the screw job to the large cell phone companies because I freaking hate them. All they ever do is screw the little guy. I've also been screwed over by Cingular Wireless which is why I moved to Verizon.

What do I have to do move to Sprint and then wait to be screwed by them too? Damn this makes me mad.

So right now I have a busted LG-6100 that I can't do anything with. I can't get a new phone unless I pay about $140. What's wrong with this picture? I thought I was the customer? I think I'm never going to do a cell phone contract again. Screw them.

Bottom Line, I'm not going to have a cell phone for the next 5 months. I guess I'll just get used to being old school. 😀



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2 responses to “Cell phone drama

  1. Funny Girl

    A kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it

  2. Altern8energy

    at least with Cingular if a phone dies, just buy one off Ebay and swap out your SIM card… You don’t have to deal with dumbass Verizon Wireless reps anymore..

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