How do people get along without a knife?

Why don’t people use knives? Why are people so afraid of knives?

I’ve been into collecting and using knives for about 2 years now. I use my knives for utility. I use them as the tools as they are designed to be. I also admire their beauty and craftsmanship. I like to learn about the different types of blade steel and I like to read about sharpening angles among other things.

I don’t understand why people are so afraid of knives? I watch people daily rip through packages with their keys or their teeth or even screwdrivers. Why? We are civilized and intellegent. Man made tools to help him get jobs done. The knife is one such tool. Forbes magazine even held the knife in the top 20 most important things ever. You can make other tools with a knife. You can whittle. You can slice food. You can sharpen pencils, you can cut thread. You can open boxes, mail, packages, etc. Why would anyone not want to use a knife? What if you ever needed a knife in an emergency? I mean like you get in an accident and you need to slice your seatbelt to get out of your car? What are you going to do unless you have a knife? What if your car is on fire or ready to catch on fire? What if you need to cut your child out of the car seat to remove them quickly?

I think of these things daily and I wonder how “normal” folks get along without a knife.

I carry a knife in my pocket every day. I also have a spare in my car fastened to the sun visor in case I need to cut my seatbelt in a hurry.

People need to quit being afraid of tools that can help them. I would never think of using my knife as a weapon. My knife is a tool, and a good friend.


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One response to “How do people get along without a knife?

  1. You’ve got some good points there. I think there is too much of a stigma attached to using knives. They just scream ‘deadly weapon from a horror movie’. I’d much rather watch a movie where someone was shot than watch one where someone’s throat is cut.
    But, regardless, I think knives are beautiful tools, and it would be the death of an art if people stopped learning about the craftsmanship involved in the making of them.

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